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MariaDB - MySQL Fork for and by opensource developers.

Run Multiple O.S on RedHat at no extra cost. Stable, Reliable, safe & up to speed
Need an Enterprise Java development kit on your production machine? JBoss provides you everything you need; from Mobile development apps and modules to stand-alone or web applications. Plus, you could join the growing number of developers at the community website to enjoy sophisticated skill transfer and enrich your projects with bug fixes and tests. We offer JBoss subscripton and support for Enterprise users or firms who wish to deploy major projects.
JBoss Application Server now know as WildFly ships with Fedora Linux distro by default. Develop web applications, Mobile Applications, Stand-alone applications and more using JBoss by Red Hat today plus enjoy great support from the community.
MySQL is an Opensource enterprise database kit that is fast, easy to use and deploy. We support the enterprise version of this great database application on Server and Client sides respectively.
Blender is a complete 3D & Animation tool available for Linux, Mac & Windows O.S. This applicaton is completely free but managed by a team of developers who can be assisted by making donations on their website. This tutorial by Jonathan Williamson, covers how to create a stencil map, applying it to your model in Blender and then using it to layer two different materials via the Material Nodes. Stencil maps can help push your model to the next level by allowing you to layer materials exactly as you see fit.
Downloading a Linux Distribution is as quick as you get if you need to have one; but for those who do not have the bandwith to download or simply do not have an internet access, you can order for a Linux Distribution for free right here on this site regardless of your location in the country ( Nigeria only). Fedora or Ubuntu are currently available.
Virtualization provides a set of tools for increasing flexibility and lowering costs, things that are important in every enterprise and Information Technology organization. Virtualization solutions are becoming increasingly available and rich in features. In essence, virtualization increases flexibility by decoupling an operating system and the services and applications supported by that system from a specific physical hardware platform. It allows the establishment of multiple virtual environments on a shared hardware platform. Organizations looking to innovate find that the ability to create new systems and services without installing additional hardware (and to quickly tear down those systems and services when they are no longer needed) can be a significant boost to innovation.
Bensoft Enterprise

We recently downloaded JBoss developer studio 7.0. Windows version, Linux version and the source code. Getting ready for deploying solutions in 2013 with JBoss.

Security & Satelite t.v

We fix security cameras, bullet proof doors installations and other security gadgets for homes and offices. Also, we install satelite t.v service available in Nigeria today.

Training & Consultations
Training & Consulting schemes are on the way for system administrators and persons interested in Learning about Linux, Servers, Virtualization, Open source, Cloud computing, Web development, Databases and more

New Linux Releases
CentOS 6.3, Fedora 19, Ubuntu 13.04, Linux Mint, OpenSuse all out with a bang. Available for download via their respective websites.

Webdesign & Hosting

Our Plans ranges from Co-operate, Business & Personal websites based on PHP & MySQL or
Our Future Plans
We are aim to become one of Africa's biggest and best I.T body setting up services like a broadband ISP, I.T certifications, Web development & Hosting, internet radio & more

Our Affiliates
Redhat Inc & the Fedora Project, Canonical, Reddington Gulf, Acronis, G-town Media,, MySQL community and much more

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Fedora 19
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Fedora Linux
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Redhat Enterprise Linux
Jboss Developer Studio
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Our Affiliates
Redhat Inc, G-town Media, Canonical, MySQL, Fedoraproject, PHP
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