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Run Multiple O.S on Redhat at no extra cost. Stable, Reliable, safe & up to speed
Fedora Linux is available for Distribution. Version 11, 10 & 9 are currently available. Fedora 19 which is the latest release for Fedora is currently available for download via the community's website.

1. Fedora Linux is usually bundled with a lot of development tools and advanced server class packages.

2. A DVD set or 5 to 6c.d sets are usually available for free downloads via the community website.
3. Fedora is a perfect replacement for users who want to test new features that will be shipped into Redhat Enterprise Linux.
4. A test bed for RHEL! well Fedora has gone beyond a test bed. It is stable, fast, and reliable for a variety of services.

5. Fedora community is a large online community of developers always willing to assist anyone new to the O.S or has problems relating to it.

6. Fedora can be used as a Desktop O.S or Server class O.S.
7. If you consider RHEL a bit expensive, or you're unable to afford RHEL, or simply want something free but as strong as RHEL, then Fedora's the thing for you.
for more please visit the website for Fedora.
1. Anaconda: Is the default installer for Fedora Linux. It is fast simple and suitable for network installations of all sorts.
2. Eclipse for Java developers and Netbeans 6.5 is pre-installed for developers willing to try out Fedora.
3. Gnome 3 Shell. AS dynamic GUI enviroment that has evolved over the years with new features. Enjoy Gnome 3.8 as it comes with new updates and can be further enhanced using Gnomw-tweek-tool. Try it out today!
4. Yum, is Fedora's software updating tool which can be used to install packages not include in Fedora by default via their repository.
5. Gnome is the default desktop. KDE is usually available by option of the user during installation and boot up. XFCE fans also have something to cheer about as it is also available.
6. The root Login process is disabled by default in Fedora 10, 11 upwards. User's would have to become super user by the command prompt only. To disable this please check the forum or call us for guidance.
7. Virtualisation made easy and pre-installed o this distro. Quemu and xen bundled in.
for more please visit the website for Fedora

Get installation and configuration support is neccessary from us at little charge.
Get Tutorials, books and manuals from us e.g Redhat Linux Bible by Christopher Negus and more ( This will be strictly by order ).
Get a copy of our Open Source magazine attached to it for every order you make free of charge.
Get one year support from us for every Fedora C.D you order from us with multimedia codecs made available for you.

Please note: Fedora does not provide support for non-open source applications, so mp3's, DVD, DVIX, Quicktme and MPEG codecs are not supported by default. User's would have to download these codecs themselves. ( We provide support for this features ).
Every C.D/DVD sold or ordered by us has a certain percentage which goes back to support the Linux Community in question.
To Order for Fedora Linux Please call the following numbers. It's affordable and we deliver to your Home or Office
Emeka Bethel: +234-7030595065, +234-8057761323
Godwiin Kwame +234-7031186072, +234-8099241382
Or simply send us an e-mail to or click here
Bensoft Enterprise

We recently downloaded JBoss developer studio 7.0. Windows version, Linux version and the source code. Getting ready for deploying solutions in 2013 with JBoss.

Security & Satelite t.v

We fix security cameras, bullet proof doors installations and other security gadgets for homes and offices. Also, we install satelite t.v service available in Nigeria today.

Training & Consultations
Training & Consulting schemes are on the way for system administrators and persons interested in Learning about Linux, Servers, Virtualization, Open source, Cloud computing, Web development, Databases and more

New Linux Releases
CentOS 6.3, Fedora 19, Ubuntu 13.04, Linux Mint, OpenSuse all out with a bang. Available for download via their respective websites.

Webdesign & Hosting

Our Plans ranges from Co-operate, Business & Personal websites based on PHP & MySQL or
Our Future Plans
We are aim to become one of Africa's biggest and best I.T body setting up services like a broadband ISP, I.T certifications, Web development & Hosting, internet radio & more

Our Affiliates
Redhat Inc & the Fedora Project, Canonical, Reddington Gulf, Acronis, G-town Media,, MySQL community and much more

For more information Please contact our customer assistant team
By Bensoft Enterprises
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Our Affiliates
Redhat Inc, G-town Media, Canonical, MySQL, Fedoraproject, PHP
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